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March 2015 newsletter


Being Lucky

When we think of St. Patrick’s Day, we associate it with partying, wearing green and seeing

shamrocks. So, what is St. Patrick’s Day really about? Who and what are we actually


St Patricks DayI did a little research and found that St. Patrick’s Day is “The Day of the Festival of Patrick”. It is

a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17th, the traditional death date of St. Patrick,

the foremost patron saint of Ireland. The day commemorated Saint Patrick and the arrival of

Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish in general.

I am actually one quarter Irish myself and don’t prefer to celebrate in the pubs.  Although, I do

try to wear green, but green just isn’t my color 🙂 I like to focus on the symbol of the Shamrock.

The shamrock is a three leaf clover, but if you find one with four leaves, according to tradition, it

brings good luck! The first leaf is for FAITH, the second for HOPE, the third for LOVE and the

fourth is for LUCK. I believe that living your life with the first three, you create the fourth.


faith in yourself and believing that something greater than ourselves is moving us toward our

highest good.  Holding onto:

hope, an optimistic attitude on an expectation of positive outcomes and circumstances.


love which is a virtue that represents human kindness, compassion, affectionate actions, and an

energy that is so powerful that it can create the most incredible miracles in our lives and the lives

of others.

I believe that Faith, love and hope together create miracles disguised as luck.

So, as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, let’s focus our intentions on creating a purposeful, joy

filled life by remembering to have faith, hope and embrace the love that we are, and share that

love with every being we encounter today and every day!

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