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April 2015 Newsletter

A New Soul Song April NewsletterHappy Spring! Well, almost Spring.  It’s still a little cold outside, but I see to the right as I leave my front door, the first signs of crocus’s trying to make there way out of the soil after a long cold winter. The crocus is a perennial, so it keeps coming back every year! Just like nature itself,  it cycles. I love the changing of seasons. 


March 20th, the first day of spring, is the season of greenery, rich with gardenias, lilacs, cherry blossoms and of course, crocus’s. It ushers in

a time of life reflection, change, rebirth and growth.

It is about one’s internal growth – to start anew – that CHANGE can be a CELEBRATION!  Life is always changing; and when we allow it to flow in its natural state, like the flowers, we allow it to happen easily and effortlessly.  What’s more, we begin to manifest prosperity on all levels because we are open to receive. I’m ready to receive.  How about you?