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July 2015 Newsletter


Featuring the OLA Elementary School Concert Choir with Director Dan Thaler


IT’S HERE! The official music video of “We Can Be Kind” which A New Soul Song Productions recorded with the OLA Elementary School Concert Choir. This experience was special to me as the choir’s director is my dearest friend from college Dan Thaler. We’ve known each other for over 24 years! It was fun to collaborate together after all these years and work with the kids which was amazing! 50 percent of the proceeds from downloads and donations from this special recording will support OLA Elementary School’s Arts program. So many schools lack funding for the Arts, which I believe is such an important part of a child’s developing mind and heart. I hope you will consider sharing the video with your friends. If you would like to purchase the download, you can do so here! Let’s help keep the Arts alive in our schools while inspiring the world to be kind!


Group selfie OLA

Group selfie OLA