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Our first song release!

We chose renown composer David Friedman’s song We Can Be Kind as our first release.

It fits perfectly with our vision of music as a universal language and kindness as a

universal gesture. We bring in children’s insights and wisdom, the proverbial out of the

mouths of babes, as they are our future. Children will be the leaders of tomorrow. They

are inheriting the planet. We envision children creating bridges of kindness from one

generation to the next.

A refrain in We Can Be Kind says ‘always remember we can be kind.’ We want to shout

that message to the heavens and to be echoed and reinforced.

We Can Be Kind

Producer: Christina Connors

Music Producer: Jason Polise

Vocalist: Christina Connors

Featured Vocalist: Ella Angelina

Graphic Design by Craig Robert and LL Tisdel

A special thank you to all the children whose angelic voices appear on this track!

For more info on the music of David Friedman, visit:

Christina Connors: We Can Be Kind